A mouse in the house

... we have a mouse at the Beebe House

by Betty Rossi

We have a mouse
at the Beebe house
as cute as cute can be.
We think he's sly and
we think he's funny
and we call him "Broccoli".

He leaves us presents
here and there,
we see them in the morning.
We don't see him dart here or there
He sure gives us no warning.

We've laid the traps with cheese and such
and check them faithfully.
We know he's here with friends galore
and all of their families!

Why did he come?  What is his mission?
How dare he bring himself and friends
without getting our permission?

Does he love Art? Want a ride in the Van?
What does he want?
What is his plan?
We want him gone, so sorry to say.
No room for pets! He cannot stay.

Broccoli leave!  And bring your friends-
and Please don't ever visit us again!

The demise of Broccoli ...

Oh, no!  It can not be.
Why oh why wouldn't you listen to me?
I told you to leave
I told you to run...
but no! You wanted to stay.
You wanted some fun.

Broccoli, Broccoli, what did you do?
I told you to listen.
They didn't want you.
No pets allowed, it's in the by-laws.
Not you, your friends or any in-laws.

The traps were set
You were sure to die.
"Off with his head!"
"Hang him up high!"
Why didn't you just leave with that Whoopee Pie?

Kersnap!  I heard it loud and clear.
All I could say was "Oh dear, oh dear!"
I hid my eyes.
I couldn't look.
We made the call.
And that was all
of the mouse named Broccoli.

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