Lady Raiders dominate Middlesex volleyball league

from SilverStringer Don Norris

IMMENSE VICTORY: The Melrose High School women's volleyball team remains
undefeated halfway through the season, adding a bit of exceptional glory to their list
of statistical accomplishments this season by defeating Massachusetts Division One
contender, Central Catholic, on the opposition's court in Lowell. So far the Lady
Raiders have downed eleven teams, including favorites Reading, Stoneham, Lexington  
and a surprising newcomer club from Winchester. The game of volleyball is gaining
significant popularity across the USA, especially at the college level -- for both
women's and men's teams. In Melrose, under the outstanding coaching of faculty
member Scott Celli, the club has been a consistent winner in the Middlesex League
for the past decade. The 2011 edition is obviously strong enough to be considered a
contender for the state's division two championship.

October 7, 2011

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