Random Thoughts

Another mouse in the house

... Fall front-door decoration provides fine meal

from Don Norris

Stringer Betty Rossi, in last month's issue of the Mirror, told about finding a
mouse at the Beebe House, which is the 200-year-old residence that now houses the
Council on Aging. Betty had hardly finished her story when she heard a loud 'snap'
and she knew the mouse was gone to mouse heaven.

Now Lorry (my wife) and I think maybe it's the ghost of that mouse that has been
dining on our corn-cob decoration, carefully stored in plastic bags in the attic. We
discovered the mouse-in-our-house hardly a day after Betty's story hit the streets.
Some half dozen dried cobs had been carefully stripped of every kernel.

How long does it take one mouse to eat every kernel off five ears of corn?

It was now our turn to visit Whittemore's Hardware for a couple of traps -- the
outcome of which shall have to wait until next issue.

The best I can say for this story is that the mouse episode provided good subjects
for clever photographs. I can't say I'm happy about the pending demise of that
little thief -- but, in our advancing years, I don't want to be, ah, the instrument,
ah, of anything's demise. Maybe I'll last longer that way.

November 4, 2011

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