Stringer witness bust down to Maine

... talk about Johnnie On The Spot ..

from Don Norris

Talk about getting to the scene of the crime, Lorry and I came out of a shop in
downtown Freeport, Maine, a couple of weeks ago, to witness a police bust.

Just as we exited the store, the police arrived -- obviously responding to a
call -- and grabbed this fellow, put him up against the cruiser and frisked him.
A second cop had a plastic shopping bag and was inspecting its contents.

So I, being a good news guy, grabbed photos of the action.

Moments after, another squad car arrived, and a lady officer, who appeared to be
in charge, told her officers to "cuff him". Like, "Cuff 'im, Dano."

By that time, Lorry and I were getting the evil eye from one of the policemen,
so we scurried away. I have no idea if the guy was guilty, or was even charged,
but I was tickled that I did get that on-the-spot photo of a bust. Never, in
fifty-five years of writing for newspapers and magazines have I been that close to
the scene of the crime.

November 4, 2011

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