What a crew

... I've joined a very rowdy bunch..

by Betty Rossi

I've joined a very rowdy bunch
All Editors, I am told
We write and publish every month
An issue to behold.
I try to write-
They have a fit!
"The rules, the rules", they say,
We've sent them twice
"three dashes...space..
Now, now, be nice-
Don't make a face!"
"No Caps, No Caps!"
What's up with that?
"Put in a hyphen"
"Take that out!"
"Put it back in your box."
"Try to figure it out."
320 degrees of a pixel, please.
Larger, there isn't the space.
A sunset, no flowers- that dandelion..
We laugh as we race..
Puts a great big smile on my face.
Jack says "this way",
Don says "that"
I've lost my WHAT?
Don't make me shout!
I've put things in,
I've taken words out!
Russ dots all of my "i's" and crossed my "t's"
and he hopes my stuff reaches fruition,
We've bandied "demise"-
An old neighborhood word, this word, I use, so I've stated.
He said not a word-but I knew by his look
He definitely was not elated.
And Russ with his wit
will tell me "No Caps"
and please don't relapse and
forget what Ed B. said to you.
Dorothy bribes with her blueberry soup
to get every scoop from Maine to Timbuktu.
Kay, dear Kay, takes notes each week,
A hundred words a minute
She laughs a lot and states the facts
and puts her humor in it.
Louise is a sports nut, her pictures will prove it
The Duck Tour, the sneakers and good stories too.
Joan's stories are bold
She researched, photoed and told
and Joe walks the fields in his boots.
Carol Nelson and her animals caused a sensation.
Her poetry's deep, but she spoke to their nation.
Jennifer, her pig, the cows and the sheep
Showed that she has imagination.
Trivia Florence does her homework,
but her story sounds "fishy" to me-
If I had it to do-
I would surely bet you,
that the fish in her photo was two!
Betty, oh Betty, they're seasoned,
They're polished
How else could Don shoot with three cameras?
Step dancers in curls, the Volleyball girls and
and the rain with his new acquisition?
Tom's been 'round the world and has stories galore.
He showed his photos at the last Senior Show
He laughed and had fun at the meeting we had
and said he'd be back for more.

I love this group!
They're awesome!
They're funny!
They really do know their stuff.
I'll listen, I promise
I will cross my "t's"
'cause of them....I can't get enough!

November 4, 2011

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