Last look: Halloween fantasies, 2011

... Gory, scary, some awful -- photos of area yards in late October

from the SilverStringers

Authors' notes: People go hog-wild over modern-day celebrations -- take for
instance, this Halloween spread taken from some five communities surrounding
Melrose. People collectively spent thousands on articulated, blow-up scary beasts --
and for what purpose? Certainly not religious. Not patriotic. No holiday. But just
for the fun of dressing up and scaring the hell out of your neighbors. Halloween has
become an adult thing! Maybe it's the suppressed desire to do something silly. Time
is right, for sure.

Look, Ma, no termites!

"I'd like you to meet my sister ..."

"Ice cream, ice cream, free ice cream, free plastic ice cream ..."

... from little pumpkins grow, ah, bewitching things.

A local phenom, all Melrose born.

Imported from Winchester -- about two thousand (we estimate) in a Halloween display.

... just what I wanted, a handsome tombstone.

The grotesque and the mundane ...

Gets the vote for "pretty" ... umm, pretty ketsch.

" ... put some meat on those bones ... "

A Spear Street property ... compact yet gruesom.

Ah! Simple, careful, planned, almost boring in this day of schmultz..

An eight-foot stuffed shirt, an oriental straw man, and a home-grown ghost.

A test of character(s) ... grotesque would be understated.

Just for the little ones ...

And a last look at Melrose's favorite -- the annual Washington Street debacle ...

Something like five large lean-to's, full of the latest in gore, blood, pain,
chains, ugly, terrifying, mean, laughable icons in the neighborhood. An annual

What? A date? You want a date? Well, okay, but first you gotta help  me get these
nails outa my head ...

Welcome, my little ones. Come in, come in ...

Author's note: I just can't wait for next year. Just think, these
displays cost many hundreds of dollars, some even thousands. This is good not only
for the American economy, but China as well ...

November 4, 2011

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