The day before the storm ...

... really long lasting fall colors survive horrific storm

from Don Norris

The day before the terrible snow, sleet and rain storm hit the east
coast on October 29th, this is what Melrose -- only four miles from the Atlantic
Ocean) -- looked like. Trees were either still green or just on the verge of
getting into their brilliant fall colors. Normally, the trees are just about barren
by November 1st, but this has been a wondrous, prolonged colorful fall, here in
coastal New England.

Actually, these four photos are what I see when we walk out our back door. We are
located on a 200-foot rise, providing lovely views of downtown Boston, five miles to
the south, and the Atlantic Ocean to the east.

On Sunday morning, when the storm blew out to sea, we, here in Melrose, still had
our fall color, although thousands of people in New England lost their electric
power by the weight of heavy, wet snow. In other words, we missed the bullet.

Our neighbors lost their power when a huge oak limb broke under the weight of the
wet snow, taking the wire with it. At 5a.m., a front-end loader appeared to remove
the limb from the street -- moving it to OUR front yard. Now the question is, who
gets to saw the limb into usable fireplace wood -- my neigbor's tree, on my lawn. Oh
well, we were in the process of hooking a wire from our house to theirs -- just as
an electric company truck arrived. Good service.

November 4, 2011

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