Random Thoughts

In my foster parent's garden

... when I was little

from Nanci Valeri

(Nanci Valerie has been in my "Bits and Pieces" course since 2008. Fine writing, don't you think.)

One bright yellow day, with all shades of green threading around through it, I was a
very contented little toddler standing in the garden of my foster parent’s home. The
sun was streaming down on their silvery hair and they were smiling down at me. That
morning my foster father had shown me a blue jay and I was so excited and pleased,
but I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t able to hold him. Why did he run away when I
approached? I had picked a very pretty flower in the morning, so long ago. It was
purple and white. My foster father told me it was a pansy and if I looked real close
I might see my face it.

We went together, hand in hand, to check the tomatoes, peppers, lettuce and other
plants in his “food garden”. Then, my foster mother came out with a picnic lunch and
spread it under the huge chestnut tree. My foster father placed a blanket down under
the tree and his wife placed our sandwiches, milk, lemonade and angel cake. For a
long time I believed that angels had made this cake for us because we were all so
good. I was so happy as I sat there holding half a sandwich in both hands. I was
just about to take a bite when I heard a voice say, “Nanci-Lou, don’t you know that
young ladies do not use two hands to hold a sandwich?” I looked up at this tall,
thin lady with brown hair and a funny hat on her head. I thought to myself, “I
always hold it this way so the inside part won’t fall on my pretty dress and what is
a young lady?” As I silently looked up at her eyes, I wanted to shut my eyes and
make her go away.

I looked at my foster parents but they both looked away. I felt it was getting
colder and darker all around me. I wanted to run into the house. Then my foster
mother put her arm around my shoulder saying, “Sweetheart, this is your real mother
and she has come a long way to visit you. Now you go over there and give her one of
your hugs.”  

There were more visits and my real father started coming with her. He made me feel
good. He picked a tomato and bit one side while I bit the other side at the same
time. He was laughing while I was giggling even though the juice from the tomato
dripped all over my pinafore. I did not fear him and I loved his smile. He told me
that very soon I would be going to live with him and my mother. I asked him why I
couldn’t stay where I was and he could visit me a lot more. He said, “No honey, your
mother misses you and you have to live with us.”   

December 2, 2011

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