Thanksgiving is over

... Oh boy, what a day

By Betty Rossi

Thanksgiving is over
Oh boy, what a day!
The turkey sat out on a plate
I must say,
It looked really quite dapper
among the other array.
The soup and the pasta,
the squash and the sauce.
The skin-well, the skin....
there was - "quite a loss"!
"Cholesterol heaven", my granddaughter said
as she played with her I-pod while sprawled on her bed.
"Come join us", we called her.
It was to no avail.
"No chocolate, no chocolate, No chocolate",
she wailed.
"This is Thanksgiving",
we said in reply,
"this is the day for cranberries and pie!"
"What Indian or Pilgrim would think of chocolate?"
said my grandson who'd come from the game with a date.
"Sorry I'm late. I'm hungry", he said
and so was the 'who-zits', the little red head.
He asked, "Did you watch the parade on T.V.?"
I looked at him cross-eyed
and said..."Are you kidding me?
I basted, I peeled, I mashed and I cooked-
when in the world would I have time to look?"
He laughed as he loaded more food on his plate
and said very sincerely,"I'm sorry, I'm late..
The score. It was tied and the cheerleaders were great!"
We all sat around with great conversation,
we had so much food, we could feed a small nation.
My littlest granddaughter's a dear, I must say
She helped clear the table and put the dishes away.
Old traditions were lost, but the memories not forgotten.
The family's spread out, and new memories begun.
We laughed, looked at photos, we ate and had fun
The food was divided up and sent on its way
We actually got through another Thanksgiving Day.
Oh no, Christmas is only a few weeks away!

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