Random Thoughts

My name is Opie and I live with Philip and Mugzy

... fun with all three of us

from Ellie Comeau

(Ellie Comeau has been in my writing course, off and on, since 2007.)
Hello! My name is Opie, short for Oprah and I am a cat. I have, or rather had, a
fraternal twin brother named Philip. Our Mistress gave us our names because she
is a fan of Oprah Winfrey and Philip Donahue.

I’m black and white with bangs across my forehead and many people say I’m beautiful.             
I'm also small, probably due to the fact that I am a girl. Philip was bigger than
probably because he is a boy. He was charcoal gray and white and had a path in his
hair that made him look like a boy. I think we got along as well as siblings can.
We were only a few weeks old when we went to live at my Mistress’ house. Also living
there two human brothers and a big bulldog named Mugzy. I don’t think he was really
that big, but he seemed huge to me. I was afraid of the dog at first. He had an
overhung lower jaw, huge teeth, jowls, bow legs, folds on his face and he looked
mean. Mistress put up a gate to separate us from him until we got used to living

Our human brothers were fun. They played with us and stroked our fur and talked
to us. They made us toys out of yarn and paper. Sometimes I would fall asleep in an
open drawer in their room and sometimes in one of their sneakers. When we were
small, we used to chase each other around the house up over the furniture. The
lamps on the tables would tremble as we flew by. We had a lot of pep, especially
in the early morning.

When our older human brothers came out of his room and said, "For crying out loud,    
you kittens stop that noise. I have to get up in an hour to go to school
to go to school and I would like to sleep as long as I can.” We really didn’t
understand what he said so we kept on playing until we dropped and fell asleep.
Mistress laughed when brother said that.

I remember one time that Philip ducked out of the house, ran up to the top of a
tree our yard, and meowed loudly so that the neighbors came out of their houses to
see where all that racket was coming from.

“Woof! Woof!" Mugzy was barking at the foot of the tree, as if ordering Philip to
come down.

“He got up there by himself and he’ll find his way down. Come on in Mugs,”
Mistress said. Mugs obeyed and went into the house and eventually Philip came down
the tree.

I got to really love Mugzy. I found him to be very gentle. I liked cuddling with
him on the chair in the living room which he was allowed on. I would curl up around
his neck and fall asleep. Sometimes I even slept with him in his bed.

Mistress used to say that the Mideast could learn a lesson or two from watching us.

December 2, 2011

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