A Stringer replies to "What a crew!"

... we are so happy you joined us

by Kay McCarte

We have to admit time has taken its toll
Fifteen years is a while to be on a roll.

We've lost several members. We've gotten some new
Who have sparked new ideas that have seen us through.
Good times and bad times, we've managed to publish
Stories and articles, even some rubbish.

Our meetings were quiet, we needed a jolt.
Betty Rossi arrived like a lightning bolt.
She makes us laugh, she makes us cry.
Sometimes we even laugh 'til we cry.

Military funerals, our resident swans,
And things that were said by all of our moms.

She's computer savvy, she says what she thinks,
'Specially when trying to figure out links.

She works very hard at the Senior Center
For volunteers, parties and games she's a mentor.
Greeting everyone with a great big smile,
Always ready to go the extra mile.

Silver stringers Florence Shea, Carol Nelson and Betty Rossi
(with her new short hairdo) dressed up for Halloween

She grew her hair so long and thick
To donate for wigs for those who are sick.

Thanks, Betty Rossi, you've helped us again be
A group full of fun and cameraderie.
As you can see now, you've made us anew,
You're the reason we are a “Rowdy Crew.”

December 2, 2011

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