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Spear Street and the world around us ...

... economics being what they are, our street looks like a map ...

by Don Norris

I can't help but wonder if other American communities are suffering the hazards of the
times -- that is, bad economy, bad congressional leadership, big political shenanigans,
money going everywhere but where it should.

My street looks more like a street map of New York City. Of course. I won't complain
because I know it wouldn't do any good. There're too many hungry mouths to feed, too
many ill-gotten mortgages to pay, and no funds in the city coffers.

However, my fine-art photography is free, and Spear Street makes for an interesting
obstacle course on the way home. It pays to have a vehicle with good suspension -- it
is times like these that I really appreciate my nine-year-old Buick Century, which
smooths out Spear Street and makes traveling a bit easier to take.

One has to look for the good side of life, eh?

December 2, 2011

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