Random Thoughts

A quick holiday story

... the end of a trip

by Ann Robbins Talbot

I traveled to Florida on December 10 to watch my granddaughter’s soccer team play
for Wellington
High. I usually fly Delta stopping on the way in Atlanta. Now that I have learned to
manipulate the
Atlanta airport, it is a pleasant enough trip. The airport is huge and a tram is
used to get people
from one concourse to another. My MO is to check my suitcase in Boston and have it
appear in West
Palm without having to drag it through Atlanta – worth every penny of the $25

My son was on vacation so we did all the touristy things like spending Sunday at
City Place
enjoying entertainment, eating at the Cheesecake Factory and seeing “Hugo” in 3-D in
an enormous
theater. We also spent a day at the Norton Museum, a gem that has one or two of
paintings. The temperature hovered around 80 all week.

But our main attraction was high school soccer and cheering for the team. I was even
invited to
their annual Christmas party. It was fun to see the blue-uniformed athletes
transformed into a
group of gorgeous teens.

On the way home on the Sunday before Christmas, the Delta flight was uneventful. As
we came in over
the lights of Boston, the hostess asked us to please keep our seats after we landed.
There were
several members of the military on board, home for the holiday. Would we please stay
seated until
they got their luggage and got off the plane first.  And there they were – young men
barely past
childhood. A couple wore dress uniform, a few in t-shirts, but most in the soft-
color camouflage we
have become used to. As we applauded and whistled, they walked proudly down the
aisle. The last
person was a girl in fatigues with her pony tail waving in rhythm with her step as
she hurried to
meet her family.

That slice of Americana will be with me long past the holiday season.  

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