Faces of Wisdom and Grace

... something new and exciting at the Beebe House

from the SilverStringers

What are your assumptions and stereotypes of senior citizens? The exhibit, Faces
of Wisdom and Grace: A Photographic Exhibit of Senior Portraits, shown during
the month of February at The Beebe Estate Gallery asks you to re-examine them.  

Twenty senior citizens from Melrose and surrounding areas volunteered to be
photographed during October and November 2011. Photographer, Joe Turner of
Malden, believes that a photographic portrait is a beautiful way to capture and
preserve the essence of a person. In this project he intends to reveal that
essence. The display is his attempt to capture those faces and reflect the
inherent wisdom and grace therein. In each face he sees a reflection of the
experiences of a lifetime of joy, sorrow, patience, triumph and beauty. When you
view the exhibit, he asks you the question, “What do you see in their faces? The
show consists of over twenty 11x14 framed color portraits.

You are invited to an opening reception at the Beebe Estate Gallery, 235 West
Foster Street, Melrose, MA, from 7-9 PM on Friday, February 3. You may view the
exhibit on Saturdays from 11 to 3 during the month of February 2012 or by
appointment 781-246-4600. The Gallery is adjacent to the Milano Senior Citizens
Center where there is ample parking.

January 6, 2012

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