Random Thoughts

The evening we fell in love

... it was for real!

by Ed Boyd

Jack and Grace were married in that summer of 1952. Charlie was Jack’s best man
and Joe and I were ushers. Grace had her sisters and Jack’s cousin, Catherine
Harrington, as her bridesmaids. It was at the wedding rehearsal that I first saw
Catherine again. Joe and I had taken Catherine to Christmas Mass in about 1950.
She was dressed in a seersucker suit and was considerably thinner than I had
remembered. So began a glimmer of interest though I didn’t realize it at that

Two weeks later, the wedding was at St. Theresa’s Church on Broadway, Everett, MA.
We were all decked out in white dinner jackets and the women in brightly colored
gowns. I felt very important as I offered women my arm and guided them to a pew.
The reception that followed was at Chickland in Saugus that has long since been
razed. I awkwardly danced with Catherine as I was not a very good dancer. I looked
down into her Irish face, reminding me of Maureen O’Hara without red hair.


I felt a little glow as we danced a long that felt very good.

After the reception, many of us went to Jack’s house on Glendale St. in Everett to
continue partying. I sat on the railing on the outside of the deck, my arm around
Catherine, and before we knew it we were kissing. In the thrill of those moments I
knew I was in love and said so. Catherine said she thought she loved me too. It
was like we were both waiting for something like this to happen and it did.

The next morning I walked down to Joe’s house on Floyd St. to wake him up to tell
him I was in love. I think Joe thought I was being a bit crazy, and maybe I was,
but it was a very joyous feeling.

With ups and downs for fifty-nine years, Catherine still looks like Maureen

February 3, 2012

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