A love story

... sadly this is not about me

by Ann Robbins Talbot

Want half of my cookie?
    Push me on the swing.
Iíll save you a seat.
       Want to ride my bike?
Wait for me after practice.
    Did you get the math today?
Iíll walk you home.
       When are you getting your license?
What color are you wearing to the prom?
    I like your haircut.
What are you going to major in?
    You really ought to read this book.
Did you see that show last night?
    That car will cost you a fortune.
You got a job where?
    Iíll call you every day.
Letís get married in the fall.
    I saw a wonderful house.
Letís name the baby after your mother.
    Not another parent conference.
Can we find a state college?
    Iím too young to be a grandparent.
Whatever happened to the family doctor?
    It seems like Iíve loved you forever, my dear.

February 3, 2012

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