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Origami Class at the Senior Center

... Cut. Fold. Fold. Fold.

by Betty Rossi

Cut. Fold. Fold. Fold. Throw into your basket for your project. Are you making a swan? A snowman? A vase? A dragon? A very helpful and friendly group meets in the art room at the Milano Senior Center on Wednesdays at 11:00 a.m. for Beginner's Origami. Jim and Barbara Tierney, Ellie Hooton and Theresa Winslow were each making their own special project under the watchful eye of Yoong McMorrow.

A fascinating Japanese art form that has hit Melrose, Origami is not only beautiful but is good therapy as well. It is not only great for peace of mind and spirit, but is also good therapy for people with arthritis and stroke victims. The folding of small strips of paper seems to help you "forget your troubles" while making a beautiful work of art. Anyone who has come to the Milano Senior Center or the Council on Aging Office knows of the beautiful paper swans that have been gracing our counters. A new addition is a beautiful wreath, made out of folded magazine pages.

We are told that once you have folded your paper, it's a snap from there to make a project. Much like knitting or crocheting, your folding can be done while you are watching television. I asked if you needed a table to fold on and Mr. Tierney said that nothing is needed but patience. He said that the folding becomes automatic and easy.  Eight pieces are cut from an 8 X 10 piece of paper and then folded in half and half again with the swiftest of movements. It was a delight to watch Ellie Hooton adding bright yellow folded paper onto her stark white folds to make a fan tail for her turkey with the red, orange and yellow paper. I was amazed at how after just a few lessons, she was putting together a beautiful piece right before my eyes.

If you can fold a piece of paper,come join the class. Yoong is an energetic and a very helpful instructor. Everyone participating in the weekly class, helped and encouraged each other. Guaranteed that you will not be disappointed and will leave with something that you create in a very short time.

February 3, 2012

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