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Wow! What a send-off!

... Wow!  What a retirement party...

by Betty Rossi

Wow!  What a retirement party! I have spoken in front of Governors, Aldermen, School
Committees, Boards of Aldermen, Councils and Groups-sometimes with great elan, but the
generosity of my City rendered me speechless! The flowers, the painting of City Hall,
the banner, the cake, the cards and gifts, the people who took pictures, my family and
loving friends were just overwhelming. As I stood there speechless, my friend and
beloved Mayor, Rob Dolan, came to my rescue again and whispered in my ear-"Betty, just
say 'thank you'"!

Now I can really say it ..."thank you, thank you, thank you"!!! I am so very grateful
to have you all in my life.  

I love you

Betty Rossi

    March 2,2012

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