I am eleven years old and my parents were lost

... but I was not really too scared

by Casa

It was a nice day when one of my parents and her friend took me to the beach in
Revere. I have been there many times with both my parents and I usually freely run
the beach.  Now I have two human parents and only one was here so things got a bit
confusing. The parent that was with me seems to forget things sometimes, and she
canít whistle like my other parent. Well, anyway she took me off my leash, which
always makes me happy and off I went. My parentís friend did not want this to happen
because with all the seagulls available for me to chase it was going to get out of
hand, and it did.

I just kept running back and forth and my parent, with her friend following, was
heading away from me. I was running into the water, passing other dogs on the beach
and just having a grand time. After some human minutes I looked for my parent and
her friend and they were gone.

I could not see them from the beach so I went to the sidewalk. They were not in
sight but many other people were walking around and cars kept going by as I looked
across the street. Now I do not usually cross the street without my parents but this
was a necessity if I was to find them.

I waited for the traffic to thin and then dashed across the road. There was a lady
watching me and she started to come my way calling me, but not knowing my name. I
know I am not to go anyplace with strangers so I kept on running down the next
street. There was a small park and driveways with bushes on the side so I stopped
and did what I had to before moving along, away from the beach.

My other parent was called by her friend and she drove right over to the beach,
starting her search. I know all this because they were talking about it in the car
later. Well, she walked the streets calling my name and  whistling but it was so
noisy with the cars I did not hear her. She met a nice man that said he saw me so
she followed his directions but at that time did not find me.

Both parents and their friend met up and started driving around the streets. Now
there were many cars on this big wide street I finally got to but I was still o.k.
as I searched for my parents. I am not sure about the time frame but I finally heard
the whistle and saw our car with the doors open waiting for me. They seemed happy to
see me and they did not scold me because they were lost.

They knew I was searching for them so they gave me a great snack and some water to
drink. I settled down on my parentís lap with my usual two pillows and started to

We pulled into a yard to turn the car around and the man that my parent met before
drove his car in as well. He came over to our car and offered some roast beef that
he bought for me, just in case he found me first. The roast beef was a great treat,
along with the fact that I found my parents.

I was sure that they would not leave me just walking foreign streets with so many
strange people, and all those cars. I knew they would find me because that is what
parents do.

March 2, 2012

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