An announcement

... Coming soon to Bowden Park, in Melrose   

by Carol Nelson

                   Photograph by Michelle Bolougne
We dream Organic!
Of bodacious beets and operatic cabbages
Cheek to cheek.
Green bouquets of cilantro, leggy celery and broccoli,
Onions sweet,young and local,
Roly-poly turnip and winking russets,
Zucchini cuddling beside peas and beans,
Asparagus and brussel sprouts,
Fingerlings, squash and honey from the bees,
Pale parsnips and livid orange carrots point
At blushing apples and luscious fuzzy peaches,
Organic Eggs side by side in rows.
All this waits for us this bouncy spring!

                    At Sally Frank's Farmers' Market
                              Thursdays 1-7
                              June 14-Oct 26
                      On West Emerson and Cedar Park



April 6, 2012                      

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