Random Thoughts

Thoughts while shaving

by Jim Tierney

Are you on Facebook? No? Why not? Everyone seems to be on Facebook. I was always
hesitant based on what I heard about it, especially letting the “whole world” know
all about you and trying to be selective in whom you want to be your “friends”. How
do you say no, if someone asks to be your friend who you don’t want to be your
friend. Supposedly, you just ignore the request. However, it could be a relative or
someone else you’ll eventually see in person. What do you say when they ask “why
don’t you want to be my friend?” These are people with whom you are seldom in
contact and you would never think of calling them. Well, I FINALLY got on Facebook,
accidently it seemed, when someone asked ME to be their friend. I complied with
their request and, somehow, THAT automatically put me on Facebook, and within 24
hours I received numerous requests from people to be their “friend” and many, many
more in the days that followed. How did this happen, I asked myself? Apparently,
Facebook tied in with my email address book and sent ”friend” requests to everyone
on it, many of whom I had a single email that automatically added that person to my
address book, including my doctor, lawyer and butcher. Not only was I inundated with
requests from those in my address book but from THEIR friends NOT in my address
book. I didn’t want to “say no” to anyone so I accepted all requests to be my friend
and promptly signed off and out of Facebook. I’m not quite ready for it yet and I’m
not sure if I ever will be!!

April 6, 2012

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