Random Thoughts

I hum

... what's up with that?

by Betty Rossi

I am humming right now! Not a beautiful, lilting melody, but a droning, annoying hum.
It maybe started a year or so ago, when my grandson James Rene' was smiling and
grinning every time he'd walk by me. Finally, I said "O.K., what's so funny?" and he
said "Grammy, you were humming and humming." Oh, great, I thought. Even though I play
the piano and even taught for a while, I cannot sing a lick. I'll crank up the radio or
a disc or cassette and sing and "shake my booty" when I'm alone in my kitchen, but
never did I realize that I must be humming also. I don't know if I am humming a song or
just noise. Am I drowning out thoughts? Am I humming a tune that I heard or one that is
in my memory? Am I happy?

Now that I am retired, maybe I'll take singing lessons. Anyone know a good teacher?

April 6, 2012

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