Doing the picture thing at Easter

... typical family shots over the years

from various SilverStringers

The SilverStringers -- publishers of the Melrose Mirror -- produced
the bright idea that a collection of historic Easter photographs would be a good
article for this April issue. Some members came forth, others missed the boat. We
start with these:

That's Joslyn, by Betty Rossi several years ago. At the right are the balance of the
family (circa 1945): Evelyn (mother), Dwight (father), Skip (brother) and finally
Betty -- all done up for Easter.

Top left, it's Editor Don Norris's grandkids, Kathryn and Jeffrey Klem, at ages five
and seven (we estimate), in 1994. Their Mom is Joanne Norris (Klem) Phillips, and
the family now lives in Belmont, New Hampshire. At the right are cousins Kris
Langenfeld Dumont of East Foster Street, with son Patrick.

At the left, Stringer editor Louise Sutton Fennell came up with an Easter photo from
the year she was married. A resident of Grove Street and pushing seventy something,
she is still a beautiful woman.

At the right, we go back to the Norris clan: At the left, Don and at the right,
Lorry, who was a school nurse in Melrose for many years. In the chair is Jeff
Phillips, married to Joanne Norris Klem (behind Jeff), with son Jeffery. The best
dog in the world is a wanderer from 186th Street in the Bronx, in New York City, who
was saved by the humane society and the two Phillips.

It was the early 1960s when the Melrose Chamber of Commerce put on an Easter sale --
advertised in the Free Press -- and sent young Don Norris out to photograph a couple
of youngsters (his kids, Nancy and David) for promotional advertising. In the middle
photo is George Newhall of Newhall's haberdashary at the corner of Main and Upham
Streets. Unfortunately Norris, in his advancing years, can't recall the names of the
other two advertisers used in the remaining photos.

Photo on the left is of Joe Sullivan dressed in his Easter Sunday best, circa. 1934.                                                      
On the right are The Shea family detectives, George, Liz and Silver Stringer
Florence. Following his footprints,they are hot on the trail of the Easter Bunny.
Uh-oh! I hope the Easter Bunny didn't forget them. With her sweet tooth, Florence
will surely find him.

More of the Norris clan, at Easter some years ago: from the left are Jeffrey and
Kathryn Klem (grandchildren), Lorry Norris. Jeff Phillips, Joanne Phillips, Dave
Seavey (then sweetheart of) Nancy Norris.

Happy Easter, everyone.

April 6, 2012

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