Human's eating habits make me wonder

... there must be something about portion control

by Casa

Yesterday I saw my parents putting on their red hats, so I knew they were going out
to have a good time.

They left me with a usual treat of chicken and a marrow bone and they drove off
leaving the house to me. I ate my chicken, chewed on the bone and went upstairs to

When my parents came home, about 6 human hours later, they were saying that they did
indeed have a wonderful time. There was talk about a tour of maple sugaring and then
a marvelous meal. One of my parents brought home a leftover box, (I canít call it a
doggie bag for nothing in the box was good for me); but my other parent ate her
entire meal.

She spoke of half a rack of outstanding ribs, brown bread and baked beans, even
stopping for ice cream on the way home. Now this sounded real good to me, but since
there were no leftovers, I got my special evening dish from the soft pouch that I
like so well.

Today was another matter because the parent that ate all of her food is ill. She
does not say it out loud, but I can tell she is quietly berating herself for her
over-indulgence. Now if she had brought some of those ribs home for me, she would
not be having tea and toast all day today.

I did not get out for my morning walk, but she assures me that we will get out
sometime later in the day. It is after all a beautiful sunny day and I do like my
walks that help me maintain my slim and trim 15 pounds.

Peoples' eating habits astound me every day. They think that they need to eat three
meals a day plus snacks. Most of my pals tell me that their parents give them a dish
in the morning, take away what they donít eat and then feed them again in the

This is strange to me also because my dishes of food and water are out all day for
me, so I can eat whenever I feel like it. I do eat my dry food throughout the day,
but never over eat. When I do feel ill I just go out to the back yard and eat some
grass. That seems to work for me, but humans have a much harder time, I guess.

Well, I did get out to the yard this morning,(I had to) but for now I will wait and
hope my parent is better this afternoon and we will go for that walk.

April 6,2012

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