Spring pops up early -- in Melrose, that is

... warm weather brings out the best, early this year

from Don Norris

It's a very early spring in Melrose -- especially downtown, in the
valley. Exceptionally warm temperatures throughout the northeast gave us a very,
very short winter, and so we have an almost glorious happening -- with bright colors

Well, maybe not everywhere. Downtown, where Main Street runs north and south, the
altitude is something near 50 feet above sea level. The fact is that most of Melrose
is higher, and there is a horseshoe-shaped ridge that surrounds the valley. Down
there is where the real color is. Up on the ridge, except for the forsythias, we can
hardly find a bud -- on April 2, when these photos were taken. Two hundred feet
difference means some of us will have a wait a week or so for the real spring colors
to arrive -- up here.

We won't attempt to identify these beautiful blooms. Just enjoy the color -- and the

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