The Great Escape

... Jaelyn didn't know that Honey knew every escape route

by Betty Rossi

In March, my beautiful granddaughter Jaelyn Grace turned ten years old. Quiet,sedate, computer savvy,television watcher,cook. One of her birthday presents was a beautiful fawn colored gerbil which she promptly named "Honey" because of it's color.

Honey has a house that is better than mine and has this clear plastic ball gadget that is about as big as a soccer ball. Honey gets taken out of her home and placed into this ball and starts rolling about 100 miles an hour all over my daughter's house. Fun, huh? Well, guess what! Come to find out, Honey is "casing the joint"! She rolls from corner to corner, rolling her ball around and around. Cute, huh?

Somehow,while being transferred from ball back into her home,the plastic cover pops off and out comes Honey,the marathon runner! My beautiful granddaughter
transforms from sedate and sedentary to a screaming,hysterical marathon runner
herself,trying to catch the escapee. Boy,could they both run! Jaelyn didn't realize that Honey knew every escape route possible and had been "working out" on her Habitrail treadmill while running day and night and had the legs and stamina of an athlete!

Jaelyn kept yelling to me, "Grammy, catch her, catch her", at least that's what I think she was screaming at ungodly decibels. I kept screaming, "block her off, block her off", but our screams were drowning each other out. It's a wonder that the daggone gerbil didn't have a heart attack. Room to room, back and forth we went, all chasing each other.
Well, we finally cornered the little rascal and caught her. Smiles all around and although Honey doesn't know it, I really think that her days in her plastic bubble
are over.

May 4, 2012

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