Easter at Mt.Hood 2012

... a delightful and delicious brunch/dinner

by Ed Boyd

We drove up to Sewall St., just a few blocks away because we did not want to take
two cars to the Easter Mount Hood Brunch. I remembered the "Riley Raiders" lunch for
sixty golfers in 2011 that was delicious. I was expecting something like that at the
Easter brunch/luncheon and it was almost better. Mount Hood has a fantastic menu
that is just as good as playing golf there.

Bill Wightman had bought lunch at Mt. Hood last year so this was my turn. Bill is a
great guy married to our youngest daughter, Martha. They brought along their
daughter, Jillian for entertainment.

You can see from these pictures the structure of Mt. Hood built in 1936 during our
Depression. See the fireplace fieldstone reaching the ceiling in the background, a
poetic, majestic centerpiece for Mt. Hood. In the back is the Carr room named after
one of Melrose dignified gents of a previous time. Notice the new renovated bar and
kitchen and Laura Farrell is the best chef on the block.    



May 4, 2012

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