My place in the car

... this is the place to be

by Casa

Hi, do you remember me? My name is Casa and I am originally from Puerto Rico
currently living in Melrose. I have written many articles for the Mirror, but now I
want to tell you about my seat in the car. I have traveled all across the United
States and parts of Canada with my parents.

When I take my walks in Melrose, I do meet many of my friends and they tell me about
their experiences in the car. Although many of them have been on some long rides,
they do not compare with my travel experiences. Some have to be contained in a
carrying case or a travel kennel. Some sit on the lap of their parent who is
driving. I have never been kenneled, not even at home and never have sat on the lap
of my parent who is driving. Sitting on the lap of the driver is dangerous and my
parents would never let me do that.

One of my parents is the designated driver always, while the other parent is in the
passenger seat, always. My place is also in the passenger's seat.

I sit on the lap of my passenger parent, but she holds a bolster pillow on her lap.
On top of the bolster is a soft pillow and this gives me the height to see out the
front window comfortably. This way I can see everything my parents see. If I see
dogs on the sidewalk, I can bark to say hello as we move along at various speeds.

If I decide to move closer to the windshield, I usually get a blanket or soft towel
on the dashboard to put my head on. This way if we go over bumps I don't hurt

Now some people might think I am spoiled, but I have seen people treat their small
children with the same care while traveling. Little children are secured in safety
seats and older people have seat belts to protect them. In my case, my parent is
holding me close to herself and I am sitting high and safe in her hands.

If I have the need to get out of the car, I just stretch and go into the back seat
or twist around a bit. My parents seem to understand and stop as soon as there is a
convenient and safe place to do so. When I get back into the car the pillows are
puffed up, I get a snack and water and we are on the road again.

You can see by these pictures that I am one happy dog who just loves to go for a

June 1, 2012

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