The publishing team at the Milano Center

... ironically the entire membership serves as a board of editors ...

by Don Norris

That's Kay McCarte and Louise Fennell, who with editor Don Norris serve as the
action team in getting the monthly issue of the Melrose Mirror to bed. Since
its foundation 15 years ago -- as part of an MIT Media Lab communications
program -- more than 100 people have served as SilverStringers. Of the
original 25, only Kay and Don remain active; Louise is a veteran of some 12

... and yet another 'key people' in the formation, execution and continuing
success of the Melrose Mirror is no less than the former managing editor of
the Boston Globe, Jack Driscoll. Jack not only keeps tabs on the
SilverStringers, keeps the group following a rather straight and narrow line -
- but adds an article now and again. A native of Melrose, he is now retired
and resides in Rye, New Hampshire.

Photos by Don Norris

May 4, 2012

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