Random Thoughts

My memories of Memorial Hall

... even though I've lived in Melrose

by Betty Rossi

Even though I've lived in Melrose my entire life, I have only a few
real memories of Memorial Hall. I was a member of the Trivia Bee a few years ack. We
were the "City Slickers", bedecked in cowboy hats and ready to best everyone! On
stage, the Hall looks vast, even when filled to capacity. We "City Slickers" did
quite well, I might add.

Another memory that I will always treasure was seeing the production of the
Nutcracker with my granddaughters and my grandniece. To see them perched on
the edges of their seats, watching the stage spellbound, is a picture that I
will never forget.

When my children were young, Memorial Hall hosted a Halloween indoor costume
parade that we all enjoyed. It was great fun looking at the costumes. They
weren't as elaborate as the costumes that the kids wear today, but what fun
it was to see all of the neighborhood kids parading around and around before
the "judges" in their makeshift costumes.

In later years,I have enjoyed the art shows, the job fairs, and participated
in the health fair.

I guess I really do have some very enjoyable memories of Memorial Hall.

May 4, 2012

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