Happy Mother's Day, Rose

... guess who had seven babies

by Betty Rossi

Mel and Rose finally had their babies! As of today, "seven swans are swimming"
with their parents and are healthy and very adorable. The pictures were taken
at the Knoll. Mel made sure that everyone stayed back away from the little
ones, but you could tell that he was very proud.

Two eggs didn't hatch and as you can see, are still on the nest. That's o.k.
I'm sure that seven children are going to be a challenge for them to keep in
line. Those babies are really amazing. Rose looked at them, and boy, they got
right in line and paddled their little legs to beat the band. Ell Pond was as
smooth as glass and perfect for teaching babies to swim. Rain has been
forcasted for the next few days and it will be interesting to watch what
happens, but until then, Happy Mother's Day, Rose! You are amazing.

May 4, 2012

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