Jaelyn wants snow

... Twinkle, twinkle little star

by Betty Rossi

Twinkle, twinkle little star, up there where the snowflakes are. What's going on, for goodness sake? We haven't seen a single flake! There is no rhyme, there is no reason. This is supposed to be snowflake season. We'd like some snow. We'd like it now. Santa needs snow. We all know that. I am prepared. I bought a hat. Santa would appreciate that.

I want snow. Where did it go? I'd like some snow, if you'd like to know. I still like sledding and making snowmen. I don't mean snow for days on end. I have some tests in school you see, one is in math and the other in history. If we have snow I'll go out and play, for that will mean, "there's no school today". Come on stars, for goodness sake. We'd like some snow and we'd like it fast. You know that kind that lasts and lasts. My brothers and sister feel the same way. We'd all like to see a nice snowy day. You're up there, for goodness sake, can't you please talk to those flakes!

December 6, 2012

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