Jaelyn's new hat

... in a time when most girls don baseball caps ...

by Betty Rossi

Jaelyn Grace got a beautiful new hat. Very much like my mother, she looks great in
hats. Fancy, feminine hats. Most of the girls today wear caps. Baseball caps. Not
fancy, shmancy, just team hats, like the Red Sox or the dreaded Yankees (ouch).
My mother wore fur hats, felt hats, hats with feathers, and hats that you wore kind
of tilted on your head but never a baseball cap. I never wore hats. Not even in the
dead of winter. Maybe once or twice I wore ear muffs but never hats until I was a
Traffic Supervisor and had to wear a hat every day. Once I stopped doing traffic, I
never put on another hat.

Jaelyn Grace is just like my mother already. She looked beautiful right from the
start in infant bonnets, fuzzy hats, flowered hats, but never a baseball cap. She
has a lot of other traits of my mother. She loves to help in the garden, is
artistic, wears dress-up high heel shoes and can roll out a great cookie dough. My
mother was more inhibited than Jaelyn as Jaelyn thinks nothing of running around the
house in a tu tu while taking care of her stuffed animals and dolls. My mother would
always wear an apron over her clothes while cooking, cleaning and even entertaining.
She had every day aprons, aprons to wear out in the yard while gardening to hold
"things", like little gardening tools, seeds, cuttings...but never, ever a cell
phone and she always, always wore a hat.

June 1, 2012

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