Volunteers applauded at Milano Center

... Some 100 seniors take time to make life easier -- for others

from Don Norris

It happens every year -- the honoring of the 90 (or so) volunteers at the Milano
Senior Center -- a production put on by no less than the entire Council on Aging --
in conjunction with Mayor Rob Dolan. The event took place on May 8 at the Senior

The problems with this year's production, however, were two: First, it was a
terribly rainy, chilly day (a day when seniors are likely to sit by the fireplace at home) and, worse, Mayor Dolan was home nursing some malady. It was the first
time the mayor had missed this function since he was first elected some ten years

Nevertheless, the production was carried out with broad success -- headed by the
mayor's right hand man, Mike Lindstrom.

"It was with extreme gratitude that the Melrose Council on Aging Staff recognized
their 93 volunteers at an annual appreciation event," was the commentary produced
from the Beebe Estate office. "Each volunteer was personally recognized for
her/his service and presented with a certificate of thanks, along with a potted
pansy, expressing Director Filopoulos' thought that “Volunteers plant the seeds of

"The Council staff enthusiastically reversed roles and was happy to serve the
volunteers a wonderful brunch, catered by Wakefield Care and Rehabilitation Center. The Milano Senior Center is proud to provide a large variety of activities and
events and the success of these programs are, in large part, thanks to our many

The photo layout was done by SilverStringer Don Norris, himself one of the honorees.
Unfortunately, he did not get all the names, and so the Mirror publishers decided to
go with photos sans names.

At the podium, Director Filopoulos singled out retired Coast Guard Captain Rick
Mockler to give a grace; Rick, seldom at a loss for words, stuttered into the
microphone, God bless us all, and let the festivities begin." Or something like

June 1, 2012

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