Melrose Street, Melrose, MA

... houses on Melrose Street

by Ed Boyd

This begins Melrose Street in Melrose, MA.

It has no sign as the street begins to bend right. The main street is Fellsway East,
the main drag through town. You can see the cars in the lot and the High School
building in the background.

Just a little way down on the right is the sign for the Melrose Towers.

The Melrose Towers has three seven story buildings as you can see the
numbers from the sign. We are in Building 51 and we have lived there the past twelve
years on the first floor, number 1-F. It was 1963 when we bought our five bedroom
house at 350 Washington St. Melrose, MA. After thirty seven happy years there,
raising seven kids, age crept in so it was time to move. We have been very happy at
Melrose Towers as everything, stores, church, hospital is all right there.

Just beyond the entry to Melrose Towers the street continues up the slope.


 A little way up Melrose St., on the right, there are two similar looking houses.
These appear to be Minimal Traditional, built somewhere between 1935-1950.


A little further up, still on the right, is a Mansard style house, common in the
1960's. Mansard has a peculiar look at how the roofs seem to fan out.                 


Melrose Street continues up to where it flattens out. Just above where the High
School ends, on the left, is a magnificent house, probably owned by a rich guy. This
is a Georgian Revival house with manicured lawns. You can see a big garage in back.
This was probably built in the 1940ís.


Just a little further down, still on the left, is what looks like a Williamsburg
Colonial maybe made about 1950.


Still on the left side there is what I might call a Minimal Traditional house
constructed between 1945-1950.


On the same side there is a well kept yellow house and a well kept white house just
beside. The yellow house has lots of colorful flowers in front.


Melrose Street continues a little way to Tremont Street. I donít know if Melrose
Street continues across Tremont Street but this was as far as I went.

June 1, 2012

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