Seniors' favorite Irishman hangs it up

... after 15 years, Mike McDonough retires

from the SilverStringers

This native Irishman, Michael McDonough, came all the way across the
Atlantic Ocean a few decades ago, presumedly to serve as the custodian and
operations manager for the Melrose Council on Aging -- and to keep things bright and
clean at the newly built Milano Senior Center. When he felt it was time to retire,
the people decided it was time to hold a party in his honor. It happened on May 30.

That's the new boss, Dawn Filopoulos (alias Daphnie, Daffie, or maybe Don, according
to your particular accent), who took Jack Beckley's place when he retired. At the
right is Mayor Robb Dolan, awarding both a book and a pension to the new retiree.

That's the presidential table where all Mike's family, kin, compatriots and hangers-
on sat while all the speeches and presentations took place. It was a fun time; some
100 seniors, family, and officials attended the party.

Here are some really special people: With her back turned but doing most of the
conversing, is Rita Quinn Dietrich, who is head of the Friends of the Council on
Aging -- and a supporter of the Melrose Mirror. The other two are Amy and Jack
Beckley, both recently retired -- Amy as a teacher in the local school system, and
Jack, who served the better part of a quarter-century as chief for the Council on
Aging. They were all welcomed guests at Mike's retirement party.

Mayor Robb, Amy and Rita swapped yarns while waiting for the cutting of the
retirement cake. It was Mike and Milano Coordinator Georgie Lewis, who did the
honors, dividing the cake so that everybody got a slice. It was excellent.

The food table was as wide as the giant meeting room, just loaded with fresh fruit,
cakes, greens, oranges and red radishes, and a platter of a zillion cheeses -- and
endless pastries. According to Georgie, the layout was produced by the Farmers'
Market, in Wakefield square. It was outstanding.

There was a lighter side: the guest tables -- the sons, daughter, granddaughter,
fellow Irishmen, and several friends ...

The party went on through the afternoon, until finally the guests had to be
shuffled out so that the room could be remade for the traditional Tuesday's mayor's
dinner -- a free function open to all Melrose residents. Both functions came off

July 6, 2012

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