The beat goes on

... and on and on

by Russ Priestley

There has been a lot of drum beating by the Wampanoag (wom pa no ag) Indians in
Eastern Massachusetts. They are seeking the promised appeasement of opening a
gambling casino. Everyone agrees they should be allowed to build one, "but just
not in our town." The most recent action was in the city of Taunton, located in
Southeast Massachusetts, near the Rhode Island border.

The vote was overwhelmingly 'For', but that is not the final step in a
complicated process.Therefore, the Wampanoag tribe continues to beat their

This tribe lived in SE Massachusetts at the time of the Pilgrims, but there is
also evidence that they were active in our city. They used our high terrain, now
known as Mount Hood, to send smoke signals to other tribes as far away as Mount
Wachusett. This is slightly over 40 miles from Melrose. Of course they were
limited by Call Waiting. They had to wait for a low level of wind before sending
their smoke signals.

It is a known fact that this tribe introduced blueberries to our area.
Inevitably, they also were the first to introduce our early settlers to smoked
July 6, 2012

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