The block party

... ever had a block party?

by Betty Rossi

Ever had a block party? Ever been invited to one? Wow! What an
experience. My daughter had a block party and invited me. I asked what
I could bring and she said "bring your sugar cookies". I got up a 6
a.m. to make star sugar cookies. I measured, I mixed, I rolled, I cut
and baked 6 dozen cookies. Now to frost them. I bought red, white and
blue sprinkles that cost me more than if I went to the bakery and
bought pastry. I made the frosting which is normally my granddaughter's
job. She is the taster and frosting critic. On my own, I made the
frosting and started to sprinkle them.

Ooops, too many sprinkles on that one. Hid it on the bottom. Not enough
sprinkles on that one. Boy, does that frosting harden fast. The
sprinkles are popping off in every direction. I laid them out on every
clean and clear surface to dry so that I can stack them in a container
to take to the party. It is now 10:30 a.m. and I just finished washing
and putting away the rolling pin, pots,  pans and spoons and wiping up
the flour and the frosting that dripped everywhere. The block party is
to start at noon and run until late tonight. Who has that kind of
stamina? I know one thing, I'm going to wear comfortable shoes.

I arrived at the block party and couldn't believe my eyes. I felt like
I was at the Victorian Fair. There was a "Bouncy House", a water slide,
a line of food tables half a block long, a disc jockey with loud, Loud,
LOUD speakers that instructed you to "put your right foot down, put
your left foot down, slide to the right, slide to the left". The disc
jockey played music that everyone could sing and dance to and enjoy. He
also announced the Hula Hoop Contest, the Pie Eating Contest, where to
get a Snow Cone and Cotton Candy and the highlight of the event, the
dunking Booth. The line never stopped of people wanting to dunk the
really good sports that didn't mind braving the freezing cold water.


Olympic style ribbons were given out to the champions of every event.
Even the neighborhood dogs had a good time, running, sniffing and
eating everything that anyone would feed them. Everywhere you looked
all day, there was something different going on. I was amazed how the
tasks and games were run so well by the neighborhood kids.

Dancing, singing, sparklers, laughter, noise. The night ended with "The
Muppet Movie" being shown under the stars. Wow. What a block party!
I'll sleep tonight, I'm exhausted!

July 6, 2012

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