What's new construction around town?

... replacing the old with something new

from the SilverStringers

New construction is going on around town -- we noted at least three sites
(although there are several others), such as the reconstruction with proper
drainage of the athletic field opposite Melrose High, on the south side of the
Parkway. The project goes along with the recent total reconstruction of the
Green athletic fields.

Recall? It was built in the 1960s as a showroom for a new Mercury automobile
sales room -- which didn't last too long before the owners rebuilt yet another
new location on Main Street in Greenwood. Word is, this picture, at the corner
of Vine and Essex Steet, next to Ozzie Wheeler's fix-it shop -- will be for

... and progress moves ahead at the reconstruction of the the former
Universalist Church at the corner of Essex and Willow Street. New thermal
windows are in place, and the new dormers have been roughed in. Progress is
roughly on schedule for a fall opening.

...photos by Editor Don Norris

July 6, 2012

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