Jibber jabber

... a few nights ago

by Betty Rossi

A few nights ago, while watching television, I heard the phrase "jibber jabber".
What a great phrase. "Jibber jabber, jibber jabber, jibber jabber." We all love
to "jibber jabber".

It's funny though, if you say, "Boy, can she/he jibber jabber", it sounds
degrading, demeaning and not very nice, but if you called a friend or two and
said, "Let's get together tomorrow night and jibber jabber", it would seem like
great fun.

When we Stringers get together, we discuss, we don't "jibber jabber". There is
some "jibber jabber" when Stringers Tom Dillon and Don Norris get talking about
their new cameras and lens. They could "jibber jabber" about cameras and lens
for hours. We "jibber jabber" at Shaw's in the fruit and vegetable section and
we "jibber jabber" in the check out lines at CVS. We "jibber jabber" with our
neighbors about yard sales, the neighborhood kids, who is in the news, who
passed away, what you cooked last night for dinner. "Jibber jabber, jibber
jabber, jibber jabber".

I love to "jibber jabber" on Wednesdays with Rita, Monique, Faith, Florence and
Ken. With Rita, I can "jibber jabber" about anything from old times, romances,
how we lived in the very same house, weddings, news items and kids. I could
listen to Monique "jibber jabber" about her life in France for hours and "jibber
jabber" with Florence about the wonderful writings and journals that she found
that had belonged to her mother. Ken and I "jibber jabber" about American Chop
Suey, Keno, Foxwoods and the restaurants that we frequent. With Faith, I can
"jibber jabber" about anything and everything, from recipes to aprons. Who could
ever forget the King of Jibber Jabber, the delightful John DiCeca, who can
jibber jabber to anyone, any time, any place, and about any thing.

Strange phrase. I'll have to see if I can work it in to my vocabulary, only I'm
sure that it will drive somebody crazy. If I said to my son, "Son, let's get
together and 'jibber jabber'", he'd think that I had gone nuts.

I love to write and I love to "jibber jabber". Try it, it's great.

July 6, 2012

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