The storm

... sitting here by candlelight

by Betty Rossi

I can't believe that it is June 23, 2012 and I am sitting at my table writing by candlelight. Because I'm feeling romantic? No way! We had a pelting, torrential rainstorm with thunder and some crazy lightning. Then, as fast as the storm came, it left, the sky turned blue and the sun came out. I grabbed my camera and ran outside, feeling that surely somewhere in the sky I'd see a rainbow, or if I was lucky, a double rainbow. No such luck, I searched and searched the sky until I got a kink in my neck and came back into the house. No sooner did I come back and start putting my pictures in order for the upcoming issue of the Melrose Mirror and off went the electricity. We paid our electric bill, so I knew it couldn't be me. The house was still a little light, so I gathered up some candles and matches -- just in case. It is now four hours later and still no electricity. Boy oh boy, is it black outside. It's black inside too. No house lights, no street lights, no moonlight. Nothing to do. Can't read, can't write, can't cook. It's dark, dark, dark. Feel like I'm living back in the pioneer days. I have a forever flashlight, like a wind-up toy that really works. Just stared at the candles and the crazy wax formations.

Yea, the electricity came back on! Lights, television, hum of the refrigerator. Do I dare blow out the candles?

p.s. It is now Sunday, and my son asks if I saw the beautiful, huge rainbow yesterday after the storm. Great, just great. Of course I didn't.

July 6, 2012

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