Operation Resolve

... A project started by five students

by Tom Dillon

The invitation to participate in Operation Resolve opened the door to a weekend of total enjoyment. A project started by five students of the Melrose Middle School invited World War Two Veterans to go to Washington, D.C. to visit all of the War Memorials and the Arlington Cemetery. The students raised the funds and made all of the rrangements for the trip, from the contacting of the Veterans, the bus trip, meals, sightseeing, the works. A remarkable and greatly appreciated feat undertaken by these five young girls. One of the young girls took ill just before the trip and couldn't accompany us, but her dedication and hard work was greatly appreciated.

The bus left the Middle School about 6 a.m. on May 11, 2012, to start the fun-filled trip.The students utilized the time on the bus to interview the Veterans about their service, which also opened up conversations among the fellow Veterans.

The driver kept everyone informed of special interests along the way, which was most helpful as we might have missed some of the sights while talking and sharing our war stories. We stopped a few times to eat and stretch our legs. Snacks and beverages were provided all during the bus trip. The total attention to the needs and wants of the Veterans was incredible and special thanks and admiration should go to the young ladies who put this special trip together, with the guidance of fantastic teachers, Bob Driscoll and Veteran's Officer Ryan McLane.

When we arrived in Washington, D.C., the first stop was at the Korean War Memorial, a stop which alone would have made the trip worthwhile. This display vividly portrays the Korean War Veteran in a manner that shows the terrible conditions that they endured. This Memorial is best viewed when lighted in the evening.

The respect shown by all of the visitors to each Memorial site was most impressive. The planning and work to bring such an event to completion required dedication over and above what is commonplace today. It is impossible to relate all of the fun and companionship in one article, so expect future stories. Sincere thanks and admiration to all of the wonderful teachers and students for an incredible weekend.

July 6, 2012

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