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October 4, 1940: A nine-year old's story of the World's Fair

... a child wrote a note 72 years ago

from Florence Pretti

(Editor's note: Florence Pretti, now a receptionist at
the Milano Senior Center, handed this manuscript to The Mirror, without much of an
explanation. The Author, Florence Christoforo, was a nine-year-old girl from Revere
-- who now lives in Melrose. Her name is now Florence Pretti.

"My mother and I left the house at 4:00 o'clock Fri afternoon, Oct. 4, 1940. We
took the street car to South Station. I think South Station is a very busy
place. We bought magazines and sat in the waiting room.

We left Boston on the six o'clock train from track 15. It was dark outside, so we
could not see very much scenery. We had lots of fun on the train. The State
House in Providence was all lit up. It was a very pretty sight to see as we
passed by.

We pulled into Pennsylvania Station at 11:15. We took a cab to Hotel McAlpin. We
checked in and got our room number. Our room number was 1397 and we were on Floor
13. We washed and went out agian [sic]. Then we took a walk up to Times Square.
By the time we got back to the hotel, it was 2 o'clock, then we went to bed.

Saturday morning, Oct. 5, 1940.

We got up at 7 o'clock and went up to breakfast which was served on the 20th
floor. Then we went shopping for a while, then to the fair on the Penn sta.
express. When we reached the fair I was so surprised to see such a beautiful
place. The first thing we did at the fair was eat and then we went to the
Perisphere [sic] and City of Light from there we went to the Foriegn [sic] Buildings
and the Laggon [sic] of Nations. Then we went back to the Hotel to bed. During
the afternoon we also went to Billy Roses Acquacade.[sic]

Sunday, Oct. 6, 1940

We got up and went up to breakfast as usual. Then we went to Saint Patrick's
Cathedral on a double-decker bus. Then to the fair again on a double-decker bus.
I liked the Persphere so much that my mother took me in there again. We spent a
lot of time in the Italian building. We went back to the hotel about 3 o'clock
and checked out. We went to an Italian restaurant called Vesurio and had a full
course Italian dinner before going to the train. The train left New York at 6
o'clock sharp. I slept almost all the way home because by this time I was
getting pretty tired. When we reached Boston my daddy was waiting for us to
drive us home. I had a good night's sleep and wasn't even late for school. I
shall never forget the trip. It was the first long trip I had ever taken with my

August 3, 2012

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