Time began in a garden

... they say that time began in a garden

by Betty Rossi

My mother had a sign in her back yard that said something like "Come in to my garden, my flowers would like to see you". They say that you can lose all track of time in a garden. Planting, weeding, watering and just enjoying the blossoms. My daughter and her children all planted seeds in containers this year. They planted and then covered the seeds and their pods with plastic covers. Day after day, week after week, my grandchildren watched their mini-greenhouses for signs of growth. All of a sudden, there were sprouts everywhere. The beans, Sunflowers, Gloxinias and Petunias reared their heads and the wait was worth it. Now, for the real test. Plant these sprouts into the ground and hope for the best.

As for me, give me a flowering bush. A Lilac, Hydrangea, Mountain Laurel or Bridal Wreath. I'd rather cook, bake or write than garden. Where did I come from? "Joisy" like Don Norris? Was I raised by wolves? I surely don't like getting down and dirty and don't like to dig in the dirt. I love to see a beautiful garden. Every year I buy tomato plants. Last year they were put into the ground too early and the rain rotted their roots. This year, my tomato plants grew on every window sill and on my indoor back porch, just waiting for the rain to stop. I'll buy plants already grown and plant them in my window boxes. I buy hanging baskets with Petunias and Double Begonias, pots of Geraniums and I'm done.

I love to see a beautiful garden and take lots of photos of the beautiful flowers and gardens, but don't like to plant one. My Mother's garden was famous. Her cuttings and plants were shared with her neighbors and friends every chance that she got. Those flowers have lived on and on. My Grandpa was the same way. He was ninety-seven years old when he died and every year planted a vegetable garden the size of a football field and a huge flower garden also. Wow, could he grow one mean hot pepper!

You can dig in the dirt and weed and water. I'll take the pictures.

August 3, 2012

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