Top of the Hub for our birthday party

... celebrating number "xx" at 1200 feet

from Don Norris

This is something we've always wanted to do -- have dinner at The Pru, at "Top of
the Hub". And Lorry (my wife for the last 56 years) suggested that we blow the whole
budget and celebrate her birthday -- high in the sky. We were so high, that, by
using a medium tele lens, the viewer can now see the curvature of the earth --
slight, but there. Like, draw an imaginary line between the edges of the ocean and
you'll see the slight rise in the center. It's a small world, this place called

It was a delightful party-for-two, at 1200 feet. We've done this in New York and
several other cities, but never Boston. And we've lived here since the late forties.
The food was outstanding: there was a luncheon special with "prix fixe" of $22 --
but somehow our bill came to $85, including tip. My martini was expensive, Lor's
whiskey sour was easy.

We couldn't quite see Ireland from our high perch, but we could see Mount
Agamenticus in Maine, and perhaps that haze to the south was Cape Cod. It was
spectacular scenery. We counted some 11 islands in Boston Harbor, and watched a
steady flow of jets coming in over the South Shore, seemingly skimming the tops of
the buildings -- to land at the Logan International Airport.

The company we had was likewise delightful. The two young ladies were having their
picture taken -- and invited us to shoot similar scenery. Lovely.

Boston's financial district.

We gave the birthday dinner five stars for good food, a delghtful experience and
spectacular scenery.

August 3, 2012

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