How old is old?

... I don't understand the aging process

by Casa

People say that I am getting old.

This is strange because I take walks every day, and I can run if I have the

I do like to have my naps but when I see some of my friends I usually greet them not
by hugs but vocally in our own way.

I enjoy being outdoors, except in the rain, or snow and I enjoy the lake and ocean.
Sitting in the sun is one of my great pastimes, when I have the time.

My coloring is brownish and my hair is not grey like many old folks. I like chicken
and beef so you can see I am not a vegetarian. And I like my snacks just like most
people, when I can get them.

What makes anyone old anyway? Actually I feel like a young pup so please treat me as
such when you see me.

I weigh what I should for my size and age. How many people can say the same?

By the way my weight is 14.7
pounds, and my age is only 11.

My name is Casa and for a Jack Russell Terrier I am in pretty good shape.

August 3, 2012

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