A few words of sympathy

... in regard to the English language

by Russ Priestley

To all teachers of English (and those who strive to write and speak our language properly), no doubt you have witnessed the revolution and upheaval of our native language by the lazy ones. It's like, you know, the drastic changes in the spoken and written word of like, but not limited to, our younger set.

In addition, the widespread use of cell phones has made it possible to communicate with people of equal intelligence and using contractions like lyk, frm, luv, kno, nayba, frnd, 4 instance. However, the most bothersome and overused phrase is 'you know." These two words are used lyk a comma or a period, or even to allow time for a reply to a question. Recently, I counted the number of "you knows" on a local radio station where financial advice was given. In 28 seconds, 'you know' was used 22 times. You know that is real boring to listen to, you know.

The advent of cell phones created texting. You know like this is the worst thing to ever like happen to the spoken word, and to like you know, our native language.

Just one more bothersome word which has become popular with the younger set. The word that tends to end all conversations is, you know... whatever.   

September 7, 2012


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