That's our Flo, carousing with the stars ...

... cheek to cheek with "Millionaire" hostess Meredith Viera

from the SilverStringers

In late June 2007 I decided on a whim to take a short trip to New York City. While there I went to Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Museum of Modern Art, attended Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral, went to the Today show and saw the Lion King on Broadway. The line of people to attend the Today show starts to form around the corner about 4:30 A.M., with entrance to Rockefeller Plaza stating at 6:30 A.M. -- after passing through a security checkpoint. Everyone rushes in for a prime spot. Meredith Viera was extremely gracious to all the tourists. Many many people were calling out her name. She signed many autographs and had alot of pictures taken, all with a smile. Nobody was refused. Maybe next year I'll return for another short visit.

September 7, 2012

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