Summer is over, hurrah

... but it really was not too bad

by Casa

I am sure that humans have heard about the dog days of summer; but let me tell
you about summer. June, July and August are hot, really hot for those of us in
fur coats. The beaches are off limits to dogs during the summer months when
school is out, and humans fill the sands at local and far away shores.
Most of my friends, like I, get to walk in the early morning and after the sun
goes down. Luckily many of us live in homes that have fans and air conditioning
so this does help us. I do have another source of cool almost every two weeks of
humanís time.

One of my parents owns a home in Maine, right on a lake and it is wonderful. I
can lie around on the grass, on the beach or even on top of the picnic table. If
I want a drink I do not have to go into the house, but I just walk down to the
lake. The water is so clean I can very often see fish swimming around as I lap
the cool, spring fed water. There is a family of ducks that my parents call
loons. They are pretty ducks, black and white, (I hear them say. You know I am
color blind, right?) but they do not come close to shore. There is a small
island in the middle of the lake and the ducks seem to rest there when they are
not swimming around.



I can go swimming any time I want to and feel cool all over. There is no leash
for me when I am in Maine so the cool shade, the cool water and the freedom is
marvelous during these awful months of heat.


The birds come to
feeders when I am on the ground resting but when I sit on the table they seem to
shy away except for one bird called a chickadee. This bird is Black and white
like the ducks but very small. The chickadee flies to the feeder, takes one seed
and goes back to the trees. Back and forth, back and forth it seems a hard thing
for me to see. When I want to eat I just go to my dish and eat away.

My parent owns the next lot which is all trees so the neighbor that comes
sometimes is invisible most of the time. When they do come and go out in their
boats you cannot even hear them because they do not allow motor boats in this
lake. Other neighbors have sailboats or kayaks that look real pretty on the
water during the day or early evening before the bugs are out. I donít even mind
the bugs because they are good protein for me when I do catch one or two.

When we do get back to Melrose and the air conditioning I still dream about the
lake and the breezes in the trees with the knowledge that my parents love Maine
as much as I do; and we will be going back again almost every two weeks.

September 7, 2012

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