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by Marion Stevenson Baker

Hi Don,

Your picture looks to me, who spent three wonderful years in the Linden section of Malden, where we could walk to a small store to buy penny candy and the "stone crusher" was in plain view.  Now, I have read that it has turned into a "gated" community and many of the houses are gone that I remember.  I lived on Vining Street and think "ours" is still there, but I heard they are owned by the construction company now but am not sure about that.  So, I think that it
has something to do with that as it is in that area and Melrose was not far away.

Being 82, and no longer driving or has anyone who is interested in that area, have not been there for a long time.  My late husband drove my older sister, 88, (who was visiting from Virginia) and me around and we got out and walked around and it was a wonderful day for us to

The "new" road was built at that time (the middle 1930s) and that was bad enough as we lost the connecting road to friends and the old Linden School and beautiful grass filled hills that I remember walking to pick wildflowers with the only grandparent I ever knew, Grandpa Stevenson.  A friend's home across the street that contained a beautiful orchard was lost and probably way more that I don't remember as I was eight when we moved to Maplewood.

We had to walk over the construction to go to school at first, and I still have the scar on my knee where I fell.  Can you imagine that we actually did that?

Think it would be too distressing to see that nice little neighborhood at the cutoff point of Salem Street further distressed, so will pass on that and remember our nice day riding up and down the streets courtesy of my husband.

Thanks for reading these memories even if it is a wrong guess. :)

Marion Stevenson Baker
Hampstead, NH

P.S. (SilverStringers) Natalie Thomson is a dear special friend, and Joe Sullivan was president of my class of 1948 in Malden and he was a friend to us all and still is.

Editor's note: We assume Ms Baker is referring to the photo of the huge quarry that stradles the town lines of Saugus, Malden and Melrose. The picture was used in the September (2012) issue of The Mirror.

October 5, 2012

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